Welcome to RamseySpeaks.com, my “home” on the web for connecting with others through the power of language and ideas.  My mission is to find and train the next generation of 21st century leaders through the insights I have gained from the unlikely path which is my personal story— Street Poet to MBA to Digital Futurist.  Whether you are a misunderstood student in college, a female tech entrepreneur with big dreams but no funding, or a successful business person in search of a new challenge…if you want the world to be better because you were here, then you will find comfort and value in my message and the critical tools I provide you.   Let us begin our journey together…Thank you for your time!


Partial List of Clients: AT&T Real Toastmasters, Elizabeth AME Church, Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church, Georgia Perimeter College, Atlanta Technical College, Hillside Presbyterian Church, Benjamin E. Mays High School, Upward Bound, University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business…



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