Curve Buster

A classmate feeling tired in the middle of our three hour exam, got up, left the room and took a power nap for 30 minutes. Then he came back and still finished the exam with 30 minutes left. That is what you call the state of Zen. It is a total state of focus.

This classmate is a part of the Curve Busters, a shadowy group that stands ridiculously outside three standards deviation of the GPA mean. Some of them, you walk by, every day without knowing it because they are not always the most vocal. But what makes this guy special is that he stopped time. He could have finished early, but no he took a nap. He shifted the paradigm of time and redeemed mankind. Rest was more important than a test.

The closest I have come to this awakened state is when I started doing Yoga to prepare for the GMAT, a standardized computer exam for business school. I would wake up daily, and before brushing my teeth, pop in a Rodney Yee DVD on Yoga, doing stuff like standing on my head and a series of sun salutations. Yoga softened the tension under my eyes, in between my shoulder blades and in the bend of my foot. It reduced me to the first unit of life which is breathing and taught me not to take things for granted. Once I learned the grace of breathing again, everything fell in to place. I could sleep in the eye of the hurricane, my head a fishbowl of thoughts swirling about me. The irrelevant melted away, the important surfaced. Life seemed so easy. The rest of my day was extra, was a blessing.

Yoga created intent.