Why I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nano-Degree Program?

If I step in my “way-back” machine, I could list the goofy asymmetric hairstyles, the fashion faux-pas and analog habits of creatures which by today’s standards would be laughable, unrecognizable to most.   But there was a time when computers were as primitive as rocks in a pile and Digital was nothing more than the itch of a few visionaries like Steve Jobs, attempting to push society into the next century, the way Henry Ford brought us from horse-buggies to Model T cars.

During that period I was a kid whose eyes widened with dreams of machine automation, wise-cracking voice assistants and flying, autonomous cars.  I used to code simple games and trade code hints with my friends in my underwear in all night hackathons, smelling of pizza and root beer.  But as much as I wanted to be the next Steve Jobs, in my youth,  I caved into the pressures of the “real world” after college and sought more practical devices to make ends meet and sustain a livable lifestyle.  I never strayed too far from my digital roots, sticking to start-up companies that were a part of the technology revolution.  However, as content creation and distribution, changed with companies like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Netflix, I found my skillsets as a marketer age and I constantly would have to reinvent myself. It was no longer good enough to have a good idea, one had to execute, and publish quickly on new social platforms with analytical skills, data first and A/B testing mindset.

I decided to return to school and get an MBA in Strategy, Operations and Technology.  I took courses in product management and brand marketing to delve deeper on how brands create, launch, distribute products and market to customers. This was very good move for me in terms of general business skill upkeep.   I joined the next generation of business managers riding the digital economy.  However, when it comes to specific tactics relevant to be an effective Digital Marketer there continues to be ongoing gaps because the practices and audiences in the digital age are so fluid and constantly changing.

The Digital Marketing Nano-Degree Program is a great bridge to ongoing  digital learning where I have access to personalized curriculum, case studies, projects and leading experts in the game.   I cannot lie.  Sometimes I feel old on these forums, or outdated against these digital natives, who grew up with cell phones instead of a baby pacifier.  I  already have a job that is time consuming and there is never enough time to learn it all.

But you don’t have to be Steve Jobs, to succeed at this program.  You just have to dream and commit to getting better. What’s stopping you from signing up now? You got dis!