Big Shot: Changing the IoT Game

In this blog, I am interviewing guest, Davyeon Ross, currently a Co-founder of ShotTracker Inc and a Partner at BlackOps Dev, a software development and investment firm. Prior to founding ShotTracker, Ross was Founder/CEO of Digital Sports Ventures, an interactive technology company with rights to Division I college sports video across seven major conferences. DSV exited […]

At the KC Crossroads of Silicon Prairie

In this blog, I am interviewing guest, Erik Wullschleger, local hero in the Kansas City tech scene. Erik is self-described mobile tech geek, corporate intrapreneur and KC Sherpa, committed to making KC the greatest city on earth for millennials. He is Director of LiveKC and Managing Partner for The Collective Funds, an early venture capital […]

Connected Things: Confessions from a Midwest Entrepreneur

In this blog, I am interviewing guest, Claude Aldridge. Claude is a senior executive, business leader, and entrepreneur. He most recently was the Cofounder and CEO of Trellie, a wearable technology firm focused on creating Luna Smart Jewelry which filters out the noise and notifies the user of important calls, texts and calendar events, providing […]


In this blog, I am interviewing guest, Alex Kruglov. Alex is the co-founder and CEO of Smiletime, a video platform for premium content that allows audiences to serve as an integral part of the storytelling, driving, interacting and engaging with content on screen. Prior to co-founding Smiletime, Alex spent six years at Hulu overseeing all […]

It's a Mad App World

In this blog, I am interviewing guest, Chidi Afulezi. Chidi is a product and mobile guy who is currently building aKoma (, a media and content startup focused on Africa. A maker and teacher, he has worked on well-known digital and mobile products from CNN, Time Warner and Sony Music amongst others. Chidi is also […]

Change The Channel

Setting up a new sales or distribution channel is like the Monte Hall problem on the game show, “Let’s Make A Deal.”

There are 3 doors: one of which has a large prize like a Ferrari, two of which have a stubborn goat.

Monte Hall, the host, knows which door has which item and after the contestant […]

Without Walls

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players…” – Shakespeare

For mobile shoppers, the world is a showroom without walls and their devices merely players.

Advances in mobile computing and augmented reality are liquifying the shoreline between physical and virtual reality, casting new shadows of enlightenment in the cave of Plato — […]

Banner Blind

Who’s got banner blindness?

Do you got banner blindness?

I got banner blindness.  We all got banner blindness.

In fact, in 2013, Infolinks released a proprietary study that 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness, yet some marketers choose to remain blind to this fact — a sad case of the banner blind leading the banner blind.   And […]

Like Its 2099

Some brands are partying like “it’s 1999.”

And it shows in their marketing tactics in how they connect to the consumer – from emailing to content publication to media purchasing.

It’s 2015 and Prince wants his perm and bellbottoms back.

For example, email blasting inconsistent messages to untargeted audiences from Outlook in a Rambo-like manner and customer list […]

Burning Platform

The grand-poppa of causality dilemmas has had many a philosopher frown in consternation and slap their forehead.

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Chicken. Egg. Chicken. Chicken. Egg….

While the answer mostly depends on one’s position on the issue of creation versus evolution, in business, it occurs when the value proposition of two entities in […]