Art of Seeing The Invisible

Ever since Marshall Mcluhan, philosopher of media theory, prophesied the “Medium is the Message” many mediums have come and gone like tumbleweed in a grave yard, hustling the bereaved.

There was Miss Cleo on late-night infomercials, claiming heritage from the Caribbean to pay-phone listeners like inmates making their last call from prison, dropping their last dime […]

D.R.E.A.M. - Digital Rules....

The day cash dies will be a sad day in conspicuous consumption.

There will be no tip jars on pavements.  Cardboard signs will read “Will work for bitcoins.”

Thirsty night clubbers will not be able to flash greenbacks for drinks, rain “benjamins” on exotic dancers or flick nickels into an arcade game to appear “on fleek.”

Most illustrative, […]

Data Dysfunction Junction

In a land not too far away, two samurais  clash on a hillside, with swords interlocked, neither wanting to cede power to the other.

In “Analogg” enterprises, these two samurai are Marketing and IT.

Both organizations need the other to perform well, but have egos of armor and swelling budgets that get in the way, creating dysfunction […]

Organism Omnivore

Companies are like living organisms.

They learn, evolve and eventually die in 13 years, plus or minus 5.

They consume sales, and excrete costs.

They are omnivores.  The more sales a company consumes than costs it excretes, the more it grows.

Yet most companies operate like machines that walk at right angles, with one foot stuck in the tar […]

F(x)=Singularity + 1

When I took calculus in high school, studying derivatives and limits, I experienced ‘Singularity’ before I even knew what it meant.

I typed 1 divided 0 into my T180 graphing calculator and the word “ERROR”  appeared.  This handheld computer that only took numbers 0 through 9 as its inputs, for the first time talked back to […]


It won’t just be semantics when the inter-web grows up and takes to the sky as Sky-web.

When Web 2.0 perishes it will be counted as one of the five worst extinctions in earth’s history. It will be up there with the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago, who according to some paleontologists, were caught cross-eyed in […]

Thingification 1 & Thingification 2

Remember Thing 1 and Thing 2 in Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat: Twin humanoid-like “Things” in red pajamas with cotton-candy blue Afros.

Cat in the Hat released them from a big red box to brighten the rainy day of some bored kids.

These “Things” caused mayhem,  talking jive, flying kites in the house, knocking […]

Beacon & Eggs: Retail 2.0

Last night I had a dream within a dream.

I walked into a store and my smartwatch lit up, telling me “Welcome back!, Shakir.”

Soon afterwards, a mannequin with a mic in its throat, and video display-eyes tilted its head.  “How can we help you, Mr. Ramsey?”

“Need a turntable to go with those Beats headphones you bought […]

BitCoin Eyes

Used to be placement of coins over a dead man’s eyes paid for his soul to go to the underworld in Greek mythology.

But it turns out bitcoins (a P2P digital cryptocurrency since 2009) could bring that man’s soul back to life.  And he can keep the change, especially if he died poor and […]

Blink. Rethink TV.

Blink. Rethink TV.

Blink. I am in the TV.

Blink. But the TV is broken….and may be dead.

I recall the first signs of TV cracking like an egg.  Prime example,  Janet Jackson’s nip-slip during the 2004 Superbowl half-time show, alongside Justin Timberlake.  In that moment, time-shifting (the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward the TV show you’re […]