Speaking Engagements – I have developed motivational speeches that incorporate the experience of getting into business school with a creative background as a metaphor for helping the audience get passionate about setting a goal and living a dream.

Seminars and Workshops – I work with groups to improve each members business development skills by helping them define their unique compelling message and develop a personal plan to send that message to their targets.

One on One Coaching – I work with individuals to help them develop and implement plans to live their legend. Legends can be related to business, family or physical accomplishments.

Youth Entrepreneurship – I train youth to take an idea of their own and turn it into an actual business that serves their school community.

New Media and Business Strategy – I consult with small businesses on how to leverage digital platforms and technology to improve operations, tap new markets and refine their brand messaging.

MBA Coaching – I help candidates position themselves to get into top MBA programs through essay review, resume building, GMAT preparation, and school selection.

Tutoring – I tutor middle and high school students in essay writing, literature, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, linear algebra, calculus, statistics, accounting, public speaking and creative writing.